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How about the sound insulation effect of the car wash grille


Car wash grille light, high strength. In use, the car wash grille does not require a steel frame as a skeleton. Due to its good strength performance, it can be completely supported by itself, with compressive resistance, flexural resistance, deformation resistance and bending resistance. It not only saves steel, but also achieves the purpose of use. It makes up for the disadvantages of low strength and easy deformation of plastic steel grid.

Car wash grille heat insulation. The results show that the thermal conductivity of FRP profiles is 1/150 that of steel and 1/650 that of aluminum. Car wash grille profiles for hollow structure, with air insulation layer, heat preservation effect is good. The heat insulation performance of the car wash grille is better than the national standard GB8484-87. Compared with other Windows, the indoor temperature can be raised about 3.5℃ in winter.

Car wash grille size stability, sound insulation effect is good. The thermal deformation temperature of FRP profiles is 200℃. In the environment of large temperature difference between cold and heat, it is not easy to produce gaps with buildings and glass, which can greatly improve the sealing performance of the car wash grille. In addition, FRP resin and glass fiber composite structure has very good vibration damping performance, can block 26-30dB sound.


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