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Weatherproof floating floor




Suspension floor adopts mature high strength polypropylene environmental protection material, not afraid of sun, rain, snow and other bad weather, but also can withstand high temperature 70 degrees, low temperature 40 degrees below zero. It is a sports floor that can be used all day. Suspended floor every floors joined the anti-uv additive, can guarantee the floor in the long-term exposure to sunlight do not fade, suspended floor structure design and sturdy reinforced support foot structure, create excellent vertical damping effect, non-slip surface which can effectively prevent sports injury, good resilience and velocity for ensure outstanding athletic performance of the floor.

The surface membrane of the suspended floor is hollowed-out and supported by multiple pillars on the back, which can act as a buffer. It also protects athletes' ankles and knees, allowing them to reduce injuries during strenuous exercise. Suspension floor color is more bright, do sports venues can choose different colors, such as basketball court, the public choose red and green collocation, or red and blue collocation, now there are still people like red, green, yellow collocation, or red, blue, yellow collocation so that it is more fashionable. More drive the enthusiasm of athletes.

Suspended floor really effective to protect the safety of activists, match again when also can seek advice to us, according to different occasions, the use of a variety of color for your choosing, we focus on research and development production floors, sincere look forward to your arrival, let your sports place regardless of wind and rain no matter the sun or rain, to exercise a guarantee of safety, I'm sure you'll like it.

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