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Hengshui Tuan plastic&rubber products Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrating the research, production and development of rubber and plastic products of plastic assembled floors such as suspended floor, car wash grille, kindergarten suspended assembled floor, basketball court assembled floor, playground suspended floor and volleyball court suspe···



  • 012022-04

    Glass steel grille and car···

    At present, there are two kinds of floor drain materials in the washing workshop, one is glass fiber reinforced plastic car wash grill, the other is polymer splicing car wash grill. Both are common in the wash shop. So what's the difference? This is an introduction!Glass fiber reinforced plastic
  • 012022-04

    How about the sound insula···

    Car wash grille light, high strength. In use, the car wash grille does not require a steel frame as a skeleton. Due to its good strength performance, it can be completely supported by itself, with compressive resistance, flexural resistance, deformation resistance and bending resistance. It not only
  • 012022-04

    Weatherproof floating floo···

    Suspension floor adopts mature high strength polypropylene environmental protection material, not afraid of sun, rain, snow and other bad weather, but also can withstand high temperature 70 degrees, low temperature 40 degrees below zero. It is a sports floor that can be used all d
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